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The Fifth French Girl Book!

Hello dear readers!

I have exciting news. A lot of readers have been asking for a new French Girl book! I'm thrilled with the enthusiastic response Maude Laurent has been receiving from all over the world which is why I'm so pleased to announce I've started working on a new French Girl book. The fifth book in the series will be called A French Voice in New York. It was great fun working again with the characters you've all grown to love. I have a bunch of new stories that I need to tell with Maude, Matt and the Baldwin clan and I can't wait for you to discover them all. In this latest installment, we get a whole lot more of Maude and Matt working on a new project and we meet new and old rivals. But also Jazmine follows her musical dreams and Ben falls in love. A French Voice in New York will be published in the second half of 2016 around August. No fixed date is announced yet. But stay tuned! You can find hints of what awaits Maude in Aria's Dream (the Aria series, #2). For those of you who read Aria's Journey, you know that Aria and Maude meet in Versailles. Well, in Aria's Dream, Aria spends an entire day in Soulville and discovers Maude and Matt's latest exciting news. Also, I had so many new ideas for the French Girl series that I decided that after A French Voice in New York, Maude's adventures will continue in a sixth book. Send me an email if you're as excited about this news as I am!

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