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Interview with Soulville's coolest producer

I, the amazing Lexie Staz have just been hired by Hollywood Buzz and my first assignment is to write a special feature on Maude Laurent. I have to interview all her family and friends. None of them want to speak to me after a couple of misunderstandings (see A French Star in New York and A French Princess in Versailles).

James, Soulville’s amazing founder and producer, accepted to be interviewed only after I threatened to post a video of one of his earliest performances with an obscure college band called “The Arrows.”

Lexie Staz: So happy to have you here, James!

James (coughs): Same here.

Lexie Staz: Tell me, what did you think when you learned your two top artists had fallen in love?

James: I didn’t know for the longest time! Those two kept it secret for a while.Then, I was like, "Okay, as long as Maude's happy". I had a serious talk with Matt when I heard about these two.

Lexie Staz: Really? What did you say?

James: I told him he'd better not hurt my girl.

Lexie Staz: What did he answer?

James: He didn't say a thing because Cynthia was there, representing him as his attorney. She did all the talking.

She pointed out that Maude had hurt Matt far more than Matt ever had. I called Maude in and told her she'd better be good to my boy, Matt.

Lexie Staz: What did she say?

James (laughs): She made quite a case. Said she’d been confused and silly in the past. Then, she promised she'd be good.

Lexie Staz: Cynthia was Matt's attorney? So she’s never off the clock. Tell me James, how did you feel about Cynthia refusing to pursue a career in music?

James: Every parent wants the best for their kids. Secretly, we also kind of want our kids to be like us, to look like us, and to imitate us when we think something's right. Sometimes, as a parent, you’ve got to accept that your child won’t make the same choices as you. Lawyer is a profession we strongly dislike in our family. We use them only when they are absolutely necessary. But I’ve come to accept Cynthia’s choice.

Lexie Staz: How did your father react to your choice of career? Did he wish you’d become a lawyer instead?

James: He said “Whatever you do, make sure you’re the best you can be.”

Lexie Staz: I agree with that statement. How did you adjust to having another female in the house?

James: I thought “Man, I’ve been overrun!” (laughs). Nah, I thought the more the merrier. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my girls.

Lexie Staz: I heard you were great in the kitchen!

James: Aww really? Who said that?

Lexie Staz: Anyone who knows you says you’re amazing. Who taught you to cook?

James: My father. My mother’s cooking wasn’t bad, but my father was a brilliant cook. Shame he didn’t do it for a living. Cooking is a hobby for me. When Vic and I got married, we had a rule: the person who doesn’t cook does the dishes. I cooked and Victoria did the dishes. Then we saved up enough cash to buy a dishwasher. I felt cheated (laughs).

Lexie Staz: Smart woman that Victoria. She’s always been openly hostile to Alan Lewis. How do you feel about Alan after everything that happened in A French Star in New York?

James: I’d be happier if I never saw him again. But then, now, thanks to Cynthia, I’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Lexie Staz: I heard Thomas Bradfield wanted to sign with your label. You turned him down. Didn’t you wish you hadn’t after he released “Paris Versus New York City” with Lindsey Linton.

James: If anything, that song proved I’d been right to turn him down.

Lexie Staz: Don’t you like it? It’s quite an engaging song.

James: I loved it! It’s just… let’s just say it wasn’t him and he’d never have come up with a hit like that on his own.

Lexie Staz: Maybe Lindsey Linton was the main source of inspiration for that song?

James: Mmm…

Lexie Staz: Is there something I’m missing here?

James: You never miss a thing, Lexie. Had there been a story behind “Paris Versus New York City”, I’m sure you would have found it out.

Lexie Staz: Hmm food for thought. Thanks James!

James: Thank you, Lexie.

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