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Cynthia's Interview

I, the unrelenting Lexie Staz have just been hired by Hollywood Buzz and my first assignment is to write a special feature on Maude Laurent. I have to interview all her family and friends. None of them want to speak to me after a couple of tiny misunderstandings (see A French Star in New York and A French Princess in Versailles).

Cynthia Baldwin accepted to be interviewed only after I sat in front of her boss’ office for an entire afternoon with a sign saying “My son is serving a life sentence. Don’t hire Cynthia as lawyer.”

Lexie Staz: Thank you for agreeing to an interview for this special Maude Laurent edition.

Cynthia (forces a smile): I couldn’t resist.

Lexie Staz: Maybe you’re just too nice. Is that how you were able to stand Peter Longarm for two years?

Cynthia: I still don’t know ( laughs). I think we had a couple of things in common. He was not a bad boyfriend overall, just not the right guy for me.

Lexie Staz: Why didn’t you pursue a music career like the rest of your family?

Cynthia: I’m the odd one out, I guess. I love music, but it’ll remain a hobby. I felt I could do more important things as a lawyer. When you know something is perfect for you, there's no way you can ignore your calling.

Lexie Staz: How does it feel to be the one who saved Maude?

Cynthia: I felt confirmed in the career I chose. And of course I was so happy and relieved.

Lexie Staz: What would be your dream job?

Cynthia: Working for the United Nations.

Lexie Staz: Sounds kind of boring. Here's a more interesting question.What was it like, living with Matt? Living with a star?

Cynthia: Quite normal, actually. He was very kind to us all. I got to see him in his PJs.

But some days, it would be impossible to get out of the house because of the paparazzi. This usually happened when he was involved in a scandal, which was often the case back then.

Lexie Staz: Did you like his girlfriends?

Cynthia: They usually didn't stick around long enough for me to get to know them too well. Some were some nicer than others. Tiana Henderson was gorgeous, but she always went a little crazy where Matt was concerned. There was Stella. Oh and that Caroline girl with the pink hair. That relationship lasted for what? Three days? You know all this better than anyone else.

Lexie Staz: What I don’t know is your relationship to them? Did you get along?

Cynthia: Mmmm...some of them would ask for advice on how to make their relationship work. I had no idea! I usually give pretty good advice. But nothing could stop Matt. If he wanted to end it with a girl, he’d end it.

Lexie Staz: What advice would you give Maude regarding her relationship to Matt?

Cynthia: I don't think Maude needs any advice at this point. Perhaps that is why she's the longest girlfriend Matt's has so far. She’s not trying to change for him.

Lexie Staz: How is Daniel these days? Are you two happy?

Cynthia: We're very happy and I believe our happiness will only continue to grow, not decrease.

Lexie Staz: Even though your families are enemies?

Cynthia (laughs): Don't be over dramatic. Our families are, little by little, getting acquainted just fine.

Lexie Staz: I wish you the best of luck with that. Thanks for answering all my questions.

Cynthia: Thanks for having me, Hollywood Buzz.

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