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Jazmine's Interview

I, the infamous Lexie Staz have just been hired by Hollywood Buzz and my first assignment is to write a special feature on Maude Laurent. I have to interview all her family and friends.

Jazmine accepted to be interviewed only after I stalked her for two days straight with a camera.

Lexie Staz: Thanks so much for graciously accepting to answer my questions.

Jazmine: No one can say no to you, Lexie (laughs).

Lexie Staz: True, true. Which is why I know a lot about you. Like the fact that you share a room with Maude Laurent and with your sister before she moved out. Why is your side of the room always in a mess?

Jazmine: Laziness and I loved making Cynthia mad! She’d just end up cleaning my side of the room on her own. It doesn’t work that well with Maude, though. She’ll just leave my mess until I can’t find a single thing and clean everything up myself (laughs).

Lexie Staz: On a more personal note. You haven’t had much luck with boys, have you?

Jazmine: Wow, you went there really fast (laughs nervously). You’re right, I haven’t. I love those who don’t love me back and dislike those who do.

I’ll stay single for a while.

Lexie Staz: Among those boys you briefly dated Jason Taylor, famous for playing Leonardo di Angelo in 'Vampire Love'. What was it like dating a famous actor?

Jazmine(clearing her throat): I didn’t see it as “dating a famous actor”. I didn’t even like his movies. Honestly, Vampire Love wasn’t my cup of tea.

Jason was a really great guy, but I think I’d rather be with an artist I respect. And… um… I hope we stay good friends.

Lexie Staz: You two are still friends?

Jazmine: We both have very busy schedules so we don’t see each other that much. Next question?

Lexie Staz: Okay, okay. What was it like discovering who Maude really was?

Jazmine: It explained why we were close from the start. We were destined to get along. And may I add, she accepts my messy ways way better than Cynthia ever has.

Lexie Staz: What is your wildest dream?

Jazmine: Becoming a rock star!

Lexie Staz: Thank you for answering all these questions truthfully.

Jazmine: Thank you Hollywood Buzz for having me.

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