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Chatting with Maude

Q: Why did you hate Matt at first? Weren’t you just a little bit overreacting?

It was that awful first meeting (laughs). He ruined my brand new coat and made fun of me. I realize some people may think I overreacted but honestly, what they don’t understand is this: I’ve lived sixteen years with the Ruchets. They never gave me any new clothes. I only had hand-me-downs and I looked like a mess. I never had anything new, anything of my own.

When I arrived in New York, Aunt Vic understood me right away and she took me under her wing. I was nobody to her and she bought me the most beautiful clothes without asking me anything in return. To me that coat was everything. It was the first true kind act and from a stranger no les!

When Matt ruined my first beautiful coat, I was angry. And he laughed, I just lost it and I honestly believe he got what he deserved at that moment (laughs). Of course I could have forgiven him much sooner, but then I’m stubborn like that. And he kind of kept making mistake after mistake. So I’d say, it was his fault we weren’t friends right away (laughs).

Q: What do you love about the Baldwins?

Oh gosh! So many things. They’re the family I’ve always wanted. They’re the family anyone would want. They’re close but are really honest with each other. And they’re all so different. Cynthia is someone you can always count on. Jazmine is such fun and Ben he’s adorable and I get to play big sister with him, though I’m not all that bossy. James is like the coolest Dad ever and Victoria is this really great role model.

Q: What do you really think of Thomas?

There really isn’t that much to say. We’re both on different paths and I wish him the best. If he hadn’t betrayed me, we might have remained great friends but once something’s broken it’s hard to fix it. I wish him the best.

Q: Which music are you listening to these days?

Let’s start with classical music! I’m crazy about composer Dvorak. Yeah he’s dead but seriously he’s cool. In pop: Bruno Mars: don’t you love ‘Uptown Funk’? And this amazing singer called Buika. She sings in Spanish, and her voice just gives me the shivers, it’s so beautiful.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Paris?

Matt took me to this place in the 4th district for tea once. It’s called Le Loir Dans La Théière. You have to wait in line before you get in. But then, Matt never waits in line so there (laughs) Their pies are heavenly.

Q: What is your favorite French word?

Rêve. It means "dream."

Q: by wattpader fallenstars234 : My question for Maude is how did you know you loved Matt?

Thomas helped me realize that he was just a friend and that Matt meant so much more to me, that he was far from being a simple friend. It was an awesome epiphany and I felt stupid for not realizing it sooner. I guess it was hard to know right away because he just kept finding new ways to mess up over and over again (laughs).

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