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An American Girl in Paris (The American Girl in Paris Series, #1) 

Aria Thompson is a fifteen-year-old New Yorker with a stunning voice that stops people in their tracks. There's just one catch-it's deep. So deep, some think it's a boy's voice. 
When she's accepted in a prestigious academy in France, she leaves New York despite her father's disapproval and moves into a beautiful castle to study classical music.
But between her rivalry with the cute and popular Maxime who dislikes Americans, and a teacher who believes a girl with a low voice should be confined to minor roles, Aria's ambitions are put to the test. 
And when her celebrity crush asks her to collaborate on his upcoming rock album, Aria will have to decide if the opera world is where she truly belongs.





An American Singer in Paris (The American Girl in  Paris Series,#2) 
Aria is on top of the world. Her father finally supports her dream of becoming an opera singer, her friendship with Maxime is off to a great start, and she’s reconnecting with her estranged mother before the start of her second year at the National Academy of Arts in France.

But all that’s overshadowed when she realizes her voice’s limitations could prevent her from becoming a famous singer.

Torn between her wish for fame and her desire to stay true to herself, Aria will have to choose what singing really means to her and what she’s willing to sacrifice in order to succeed.



The American Girl in Paris Box Set Books 1&2
Binge-read Aria's adventures in this delightful two-book box set!
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